Here you can find an answer to questions we frequently receive. Please read this before messaging our Facebook page. Due to receiving hundreds of messages a day if you send a message that is on the FAQ it probably won’t be responded to.

I did not receive a ticket emailed to me. What do I do?

Here are the four most likely scenarios as to why you did not receive your ticket…

1) Your email address was entered in wrong.

2) It is in your spam folder.

3) The platform we sell tickets on has decided to not work today and stop sending emails.

4) You never purchased the ticket. You thought you did but it is still in your cart.

To resolve this there are multiple solutions…

Solution 1) Has the money been taken out of your account? If so then the ticket transaction went through. If you think you purchased the tickets for the correct screen and date then when you arrive at the box office they can find your tickets by looking up your name, phone number or email. If you would like to double check, then please send a message to our Facebook page with the were purchased under and the email you would like them sent to.

Solution 2) Call Veezi (the online ticket platform) and have them resend the ticket: 323-944-0424

How can I listen to the movies?

You can listen to the movies though your car radio if it can play fm stations or any portable am/fm radio.

What are the radio stations?

Screen 1 is 89.9 fm, screen 2 is 91.1fm.

Can I bring my pet?

You can! Pets must be leashed and we do not allow any pets inside inside the concession stand. I recommend you do not bring them if they are not good with kids, strangers, and loud noises. Additionally, we are not responsible for any damage or injury your pet causes. You bear all responsibility and expenses. Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 if you plant to walk them, you must wear a face covering.

Also, feel free to send pet pictures to our Facebook page 🙂

I see no movies are showing! When are the movies updated?

Movies are updated every Monday or Tuesday. I put them up once I know them.

It says your sold out! Can I still buy tickets?

If it says sold out that means we are sold out for the first movie. You could take the chance of showing up when the movie starts to see if we had any no shows (we typically do) but we can’t guarantee you will be allowed in. We have a set number spots and with the social distancing regulations we can only let a certain number of cars in. If you would be fine with watching the only second movie, you can show up for that show because a lot of people typically leave after the first movie. Again there are no guarantees you will be let it. It all depends upon if we are under 50% occupancy.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

No, you can leave whenever you want to.

On a side note, just be aware that whenever you leave if you try to come back you will be charged admission again. A common example is say someone arrives an hour before the movie starts. They decide they want to pick up food off the premises, they leave and attempt to come back. One of two things will happen. They would be charged admission to get in again, or they will get angry, use profanities at the box office attendants and leave. If you fall into the second example of using profanities at the box office attendant, and feel it is absolutely necessary to do that, send me a Facebook message. I would much rather you use profanities directed at me than my employees.

What time should I arrive?

Its honestly up to you but I suggest you arrive as early as possible since spots are first come, first serve. On Friday’s and Saturdays the box office open at 6:15pm. From Sunday thru Thursday the box office opens at 7:15pm.

What can’t you play this movie with that movie?

Certain movies are only allowed to be put with certain movies. We don’t make the rules and there is nothing we can do about this.

Is your concession stand open?

Yes! It is! Due to the current COVID-19 situation we have an ordering and a pick up window. To be severed you must be wearing a face covering.

Your face covering rule is dumb! I’m not coming any more until you figure out how to run your business!

I know its hard to believe but I have received a bunch of these messages. I can care a less if you get mad about having to wear a face covering. Its for the safety of others and our employees. If you want don’t want to follow this rule just stay home and stop messaging me.

Its going to rain! I want a refund!

If you buy an online ticket that means you can also search the weather forecast and find out if its going to rain or not. We don’t refund for rain. Our projectors play perfectly fine in the rain.

I bought my ticket for the wrong day/wrong screen!

If you did this send a message to our Facebook page a couple days in advance of the date the ticket says with your booking reference, screen you want to see, and date you want to see the movies on. There are no guarantees you will be switched. If you send it the day of most likely nothing will or can be done because your message won’t be seen.

I want a refund!

Refunds are done on a case by case basis. Send a message to our Facebook page and let us know why you need a refund. Additionally, it is stated on online tickets there are no refunds. We only give refunds in limited cases. We do not refund for weather and we do not refund on the day of unless there are extreme circumstances.

I have a complaint!

Feel free to send a message to our Facebook page but I would much rather appreciate compliments I could share with the staff.

What happens if you close due to the weather?

For us to close due to weather is incredibly rare. We haven’t closed in the past two years due to weather but if we had to and online tickets were already bought, we would let you come another night or get a refund.

Why haven’t you responded to my Facebook message!

I’m one person and a full time college student. It may seem hard to believe but I have a life outside of just responding to Facebook messages. I receive hundreds everyday and it is impossible to respond and read all of them. Also good luck getting a response back before 11am. I typically check it after I wake up (around 11am) and several times a day between the hours of 11am – 3am, but due to the high volume of messages I cannot respond to all of them.

If you have an urgent message or a business inquiry please resend the message so it will be put in the top of my inbox. Additionally, if you have a business inquiry please copy and paste the following template:






Can I sit outside, sit in the bed of my truck, or park backwards?

Yes! Yes! and yes! You can do all three but due to current circumstances if you plan to sit outside your vehicle we ask you wear a face covering to protect the staff and others around you.

Are the bathrooms open?

Yes! Due to the current COVID-19 situation, capacity in the bathrooms will be limited and to use them you must be wearing a face covering.

Why do you sell all of your tickets online! You should reserve some for me because I only pay in cash!!!

Right now due to the current COVID-19 situation I would much rather sell online tickets because it is the safest. With an online ticket the box office employees don’t touch your phone or your ticket. They scan it with a bar code scanner. If we don’t sell out online, you can still purchase a ticket at the box office on site with cash or card.

It says sold out online! Can I still buy tickets?

It if says we are sold out, you cannot still buy tickets.

Recently I have received a lot of messages such as “But why can you make an exception for just me! I’m just one car!”. Since tickets are put up four to five days in advance I have no sympathy if you are in this situation. It is a well published fact we are operating at a limited capacity due to the current COVID-19 situation, and I will not let anyone jeopardize the ability for us to continue to be open. We have counted the number of spots we can sell to ensure there is proper social distancing of well over 6 feet. Most spots have approximately 10 feet of social distancing on both sides.

Are you open this weekend?

If the website doesn’t say we are closed for the season assume we are open. If there are no movies on the site it is because I do not know what we are showing. Movies are typically updated every Monday or Tuesday.

Do you rent out the theater/host events?

We do. Please send a message to our Facebook page with the following template. It is easiest if you copy and paste this template.






Can I switch screens?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is no because there are different movie companies on each screen. Our contracts prohibit screen switching. The only way you would be allowed to switch screens is if you purchased a ticket for each screen which would start at $60.

How much is admission?

Admission is $30 for up to six people in your vehicle and $40 for extended vans. An extended van is a van that has three or more rows of seating behind the drivers seat. If you have more than six people in your vehicle it is $5 for each additional person. I frequently receive messages such as “I have two people in my car is it really $30?” “Your pricing is crazy!” “You should charge by the person!”. My answers to these questions are yes it really is $30 for two people but if you divide it up it works out to $7.50 per movie, our pricing is very cheap- especially with the more people you bring, and we charge by the car which is how its been since the place opened.

Can I bring my own food?

You can, but we would also appreciate if you would support us. We do not allow food deliveries to the drive-in. For example we do not allow uber eats or any companies to bring food to you at the drive-in nor do we allow you to leave, pick up food and come back. Once you leave our premises you will be charged admission again.

Can I bring a grill?

We do not allow grills or anything with propane.

Can I bring a tent or easy up?

We do not allow tents or easy ups.

Thank you for reading this! If you need any clarifications or have any additional questions feel free to send a message to our Facebook page.